by Ben von Jagow

His dreams are darkest in the morning.
When the low sun bastes his rippled blanket,
he stares groggy eyed at the hands on his wrist
knowing               he’s plagued with a choice:
to delay the day or rise.
And when he can’t face               the cold linoleum beneath his feet
when he drifts back into the comforts of sleep
whether he knows it or not
he’s turned a key               liberating the beasts from their caverns.
On haunches they roam
torturing, twisting               his world
feeding off his concerns
to serve a reminder               sleep isn’t his refuge
there is no rest
there is no running
even beyond the throes of consciousness
the demons will be there
lurking in his shadows.

Ben von Jagow is a writer and poet from Ottawa, Canada currently living in Denmark. His work has appeared in such literary journals as The Mindful Word, Maudlin House, and The Literary Review of Canada. For more of Ben’s work visit or follow him on Instagram: @aquacondor.

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