Retain Youth

by Clayre Benzadón

Stay sleepless, my love. Keep vivid and tender,
spark temper and frenzy. Burn near my bed,
slowly kiss me, close your mouth, gently spread
yourself open to me. Trail your slender
body along my own, moment for breath-
taking. So many want to possess you.
Yet I want it deeper, to hear you mew
like kittens in surrender, but not death.
Bend down beside my face. I love your heart-
sick murmur and downcast eyes, your famine.
Passion lasts in hunger; I examine
it, long for the heat, retain you.

Clayre Benzadón is currently a second-year MFA student at the University of Miami and Broadsided Press’s Instagram editor. She has been published by The Acentos Review, QA Poetry, SERIAL Magazine, HerStry, Poetry Breakfast, and was recently awarded the 2019 Alfred Boas Poetry Prize for her poem “Linguistic Rewilding.”

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