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Scotch Bonnet Jewel Box


by Clayre Benzadón

Unequal bittersweet cuts
from the incised moon.

It breaks open evening’s
strawberry top, sunray

whispering button
into a baby’s ear.

Farther away, Florida
cones float above
the corroded water,

horse conches wade
under a rusty dove

practicing skinny-
dip mating calls,

slight as kitten’s

scratching at
paper fig surfaces,

the languish
becoming so  full,
it colors the   light
orb overhead  calescent.

Clayre Benzadón is a third-year MFA student at the University of Miami and Broadsided Press’s Instagram editor. Her chapbook Liminal Zenith was published by SurVision Books. She was awarded the 2019 Alfred Boas Poetry Prize for ‘Linguistic Rewinding’, was published by The Acentos ReviewKissing Dynamite, Hobart, and has a translation forthcoming in The Blue Nib.

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