We are extremely proud of all of our writers here at KAIROS. The following people have trusted us with the publication of their most beautiful work and we know no matter whether or not KAIROS was the very start of their published repertoire, the greatest is still yet to come. Keep your eyes peeled for these names, because they’re making magic happen.

Aaron Seabolt-Barringer
Alessandra Albano
Allison Showstead
Amirah Al-Wassif
Andrea Holck
Annie Blake
Barbara E. Young
Ben Nardolilli
Brendan McLaughlin
Bryan Owens
C.A. Steed
Carl Boon
Catherine McGuire
Catherine Stearns
Charlie Brice
Chris Riseley
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Devon Balwit
Evelyn Reynolds
Ginger Cochran
Greg Stidham
Gretchen Bartels
Hannah Little
Harry Carter
Hayden Cox
Helen Grochmal
James Croal Jackson
Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
Jeffrey Zable
Jennifer Lothrigel
Jim Meirose
Joe Bielecki
Joshua Barnes
Katlyn Susan
Kitt McIntosh
L.G. Corey
Lana Bella
Larry O. Dean
Madeleine Pollard
Madeline Linnell
Marc D. Allan
Mark J. Mitchell
Maureen Daniels
Melanie Keegan
Melissa Parthemore
Mitchell Waldman
Natalie Crick
Nick Alti
Paul Ilechko
Peter Lingard
Peter Schneider
Peycho Kanev
Prisha Mehta
Rebecca Took
Richard King Perkins II
Robert Beveridge
Robert Eric Shoemaker
Ryan Samson
Sean Padraic McCarthy
Sam McNeil
Seth Jani
Shadow McKim
Tara Isabel Zambrano
Terry Sanville
Uche Ogbuji
Victoria Shropshire
Vincent Barry
Ziaul Moid Khan

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