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KAIROS is an entirely volunteer-led organization, which means that no one on staff, including our editors and board members, is paid for the work they do for KAIROS. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, any receipt of donations to the organization are tax-deductible. For more on what this means and how to apply your donation to your tax deductions, visit

All donations are appreciated and greatly impact what we are able to provide in the future.

One day, we hope to be able to pay our writers for publication, host launch events for chapbooks and print editions, and even broaden our publication abilities to include single-authored collections and novels (to learn more about these expansion plans, see our Institute page). However, all of these things require many hours of time and energy dedicated to these tasks as well as capital to produce. As we are completely volunteer-led, KAIROS staff members have full-time jobs elsewhere and cannot dedicate more than is available to the magazine and its projects. Any and all amounts of donation help to sustain KAIROS. To donate, visit our at and click “Send.”

Please know that your dedication to our magazine, whether you offer monetary donation or readership alone, is valued. Thank you.

Preston Taylor Stone, Editor-in-Chief
Lauren Jones, Managing Editor

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