KAIROS Literary Institute

Despite our humble beginnings in 2016, KAIROS has become a huge part of our lives and the lives of so many writers—from Pushcart Award-winning writers to Poet Laureates to writers whose work is seeing publication for the very first time.

Now, we are expanding into a new era for KAIROS. Our expansion project is called KAIROS Literary Institute and it lives out our dream to always be at the forefront of literary thought. Check out below what our plans are so far, and be sure to check back again later to see consistent updates based on our capacities.

P.S. If you or anyone you know would like to help KAIROS realize our dreams and the dreams of our community of writers, please consider donating.

Phase 1 – Nonprofit Status

Our Phase 1, as of 2022, has been completed. Here are some of the things we were able to do in our first phase of expanding the reach of KAIROS:

  1. create 501(c)3 nonprofit under federal law;
  2. create non-profit charity under local state law;
  3. petition the state for the right to solicit donations;
  4. broaden our reach by joining the Community of Literary Magazines and Publishers; and
  5. create two new competitions, The Editors’ Prizes for Poetry and Prose & the Summer Chapbook Contest, cumulatively worth over 400 USD.

Phase 2 – Financial Sustainability

Our goal for Phase 2 is financial sustainability – we want to make sure KAIROS isn’t just here for the first 10 volumes, but that its here for the next 100 volumes, as well. Our inspiration for this phase are the folks at The Masters Review, who have been working for over a decade to give back to the writers that give us publishers so much of themselves.

  1. provide modest but meaningful staff stipends for those who work on this magazine at each stage;
  2. pay contributors for their work either on a per-publication basis or with a free contributor’s copy of the print magazine;
  3. waive submission fees and competition reading fees for all BIPOC writers;
  4. expand our reach by participating in major national and international conferences like Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) with other independent publishers and magazines;
  5. continue building capacity by applying for grants each year with the help of non-profit consultants; and
  6. host public literary events in our home city—Miami, FL—including events at the Miami Book Fair, an annual meeting of thousands of writers and editors from around the world.

Phase 3 – The Institute

Phase 3 of our expansion is still in the works; however, we can tell you that some of our greatest inspirations are the folks over at Sundress Publications, who host their Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) workshops, residencies, and reading series each year. So, on that note, we are hoping to similarly reach the next generation of great American authors, poets, and essayists by creating an annual Institute welcoming writers from around the globe to lead workshops, give keynotes, and provide mentorship to members in our community.

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