We at KAIROS are looking for new and riveting pieces of poetryshort fictioncreative non-fiction, and op-ed. We are an online literary magazine with print publication of the work we publish available annually.

We look for pieces that establish both a control of language and a command of artistry. Not only do we want to be at the forefront of literary thought, we want to publish writers who find tranquility in writing their most cathartic work, who emanate artistic expression.

KAIROS means “the precise and opportune moment.”

About The Editors

The Editors at KAIROS like to maintain as much anonymity as possible in order to preserve the sanctity of our own editorial process, which involves several rounds of reading and voting. We understand that this may not be a very popular initiative in our community, but we believe it to be in our best interest so that we may preserve our particular brand of integrity. We, of course, hope this does not dissuade you from submitting your work. Rest assured, every piece is reviewed carefully by only the best we have to offer.

As of 2022, the following are part of our Masthead.

  • Preston Taylor Stone, Editor-in-Chief
  • Lauren Jones, Managing Editor

Board Members:

  • Preston Taylor Stone*
  • Lauren Jones
  • Kate Price
  • Ray Brown
  • Madison Mitchell, M.D.
  • Alexis Mitchell, J.D.

* Chairperson of the Board of Directors

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