The border

by Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich

I was finishing a four-day tour
of the Czech Republic
formerly Czechoslovakia
En route to Hungary, and
The bus driver made an announcement:
When we get to the border, just
Say nothing. Last time
I was here an American couple
Got tired of waiting,
Jumped off the bus, and
started demanding “Let us through!”
“We are Americans!”
And the border patrol guards
just shot them dead.
It was a terrible sight.
So please everybody,
don’t say anything.
Just keep quiet
until after we get through
The border.

Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich authored “Opening the Black Ovule Gate,” 2018; “We Are Beautiful like Snowflakes,” 2016 from Finishing Line Press. Poems published or forthcoming in 2019 WordFest Anthology, Dash Literary, Nothing Substantial, Prachya Review, Chaffey Review, Literary Nest, Remembered Arts Journal, Breadcrumbs Magazine, I Am STRENGTH Anthology, Greed by PureSlush, Califragile, Medical Literary Messenger, Civilized Beast, Writers Café Magazine, Moon magazine, Destigmatized Anthology, Praxis Magazine, Gather Round Journal, Poetry Therapy & elsewhere. Her story “Retribution On Cash Street” was published by Not Your Mother’s Breastmilk. She mentored Prisoners @ Pen America & received a MVICW Fellowship in 2016. MFA is from SLC. She reads for Empire Jones Great Press.

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