The Parnell St Bikeyard

DS Maolalai

the sunshot lines
of stolen bicycles
arranged in their bikeyard
in rows and all bright
painted colours. oil-brown gears,
rusted racks and the tangles
of rusted machinery. they stack
like old twigs in an untidy
birds nest; pieces collapsing
like broken twig
fingers. we walk
around them, looking,
occasionally touching
a wheel making movement
in simple rotations.
someone walks, unconcerned
between us, raises one
and flips it to his shoulder.
he’s quite professional,
takes a tool and pulls apart
a gearchain – I’m reminded
of a slaughterhouse, though vet
is the better analogy. fallon
is a little intimidated –
he tests the brakes
on one he thinks of buying.
takes some time, talks
with the owner – examines it,
considering a price.

DS Maolalai has been nominated nine times for Best of the Net and seven times for the Pushcart Prize. He has released two collections, Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden (Encircle Press, 2016) and Sad Havoc Among the Birds (Turas Press, 2019). His third collection, Noble Rot is scheduled for release in April 2022.

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