On Miscarriage

Remy Annelise

your death is where
I met you
falling out of me
in clumps and strings
of possibility

reminders of a man
who loved
to taste between my lips and
the circular rhythm of my hips
but not me

miffy and miso steeped in prosecco
pharmaceutical soup
to ease your passage
and mine
toward freedom

today I decided to love you—
for dying
I did not have to kill you

Remy Annelise is an American poet who was raised in South Carolina and based in Washington, D.C. A graduate of Clemson University and the George Washington University Law School, she is poet and attorney (in that order). When not writing poetry, you will likely find Remy Annelise barefoot with her face toward the sun, weightlifting, or playing with her dog Zeus.

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