KAIROS Editing Services

At KAIROS, we offer editorial services for everything from creative writing to research writing to grant proposals. If you have a piece of writing in need of editing, such as a dissertation, dissertation chapter, novel, chapbook, poetry collection, or memoir, KAIROS can help prepare your manuscript. We can accept submissions up to 60,000 words. If your submission is over 60,000 words, you may submit another manuscript after your first is completed or contact editors.kairoslit@gmail.com for other options.

All editorial fees are based on (1) the length of the submission and (2) the time frame in which editing must be completed.

In the submittable form, there will be fees based on this length and date of completion.

You must select and pay these fees within the submission. If you do not select an option from this list and render payment for editing services, your submission will go unread. If your submission is longer than the fee option you have selected, the assigned editor will edit your manuscript until the word count you selected is reached.

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